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Sexual encounter with obese men personals

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If you have reservations about both the size and frequency of tacos going down your throat, fear not!

Of the 60, men and women who participated in the study, those who were overweight, on average, had more sexual partners than those in a normal weight range. Lead study author David Frederick, PhD, sexual encounter with obese men personals assistant new zealand men naked in health psychology at Chapman University, further explained the findings to Sexual encounter with obese men personals Health: Very slender men can face stigma for not appearing powerful.

If this news, however, has prompted you to drastically increase the amount of tacos going into your stomach, you should still be weary, as the participants are by no means significantly overweight: Men who were classified as overweight admitted to have, on average, eight sexual partners in their lifetime, as opposed to the six partners "normal weight" men.

Overweight and normal weight women boasted around the same numbers with seven and six, respectively. Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and now feels a lot better about his hairy doughnut belly. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

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